Centurion Special Deals

  • Centurion Ladies Special – Any lady can sign up for the Centurion Carry Concealed Weapon class and get two for one pricing. What does that mean? Ladies can bring a  friend along for the class and range time for FREE. Why not make it a girls night out?

  • Centurion Veterans Special – Any immediate family member of an active Armed Forces Member, or a recently retired (last 6 months) can receive class instruction 15% off the listed hourly rate.

  • Centurion Law Enforcement Special – Any immediate family member of active or recently retired  Law Enforcement Officer (Any agency with arrest powers) will get 25% the listed hourly rate.

  • We will also like to pair with any women’s groups who are in the market for self defense or firearms training. Special Group pricing is also available.

  • We will also like to offer Special Group discounts to houses of worship and members of their congregation wishing to receive additional training with firearms (Basic to Advanced). Business Safety Assessments can also be scheduled as a reduced rate for houses of worship)

We are committed to supporting local businesses and we go out of our way to find small “Mom & Pop” stores, which need the business. We support and love those working hard within our community.

We are also looking to pair our training services with any Veteran Owned and Operated business. We will offer special pricing for these hard working companies.

** Please indicate which Special you will be redeeming when you reach the checkout page. Please indicate the discount under NOTES **