Our History


Centurion Firearms was created because there currently exists a significant lack of new gun owner guidance, tactical training options, personalized self defense training, firearms safety training for your home and children, and Warrior Mindset development. 

Too often new gun owners walk into a gun store and are sold a weapon by a salesman looking to just make a sale and move on. Customers rarely get the opportunity to speak to a subject matter expert on all aspects of several weapons for protecting their loved ones.



At Centurion Firearms we focus on development of a DEFENSIVE TRIAD with our customers. First comes matching the owner to the proper weapon, second is the training with that new weapon, and finally the development of the proper Warrior Mindset to always win. Once all three components come together, our customers have developed the confidence from building on all three of our core components and our customers will know they have all the defensive skills needed to protect themselves and those they love most.