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Florida Class “G” Armed Security Officer License Course

In accordance with Florida Chapter 493, A Class “G” licensed armed security officer is required to complete 28-hours of classroom and range instruction under the direction of a Class “K” licensed instructor. At the Centurion Firearms and Training, we offer Class “G” license training as a three-day course. The Florida Armed Security Officer Course covers all information required by the State of Florida for Class “G” license applicants, including:

  • Day one (10 hours) covers all classroom discussion regarding
    • Florida Statues 493, 775, 776 and 790
    • Firearms Safety & Mechanics
    • Civil Liability & Use of Force Issues
  • Day two (10 hours) is comprised of all-day dry weapon manipulation.
    • Handgun Marksmanship
    • Care and Maintenance of Firearms
    • Stage 1 and Stage 2 weapon malfunction
    • Grip, Stance, Trigger reset, Combat reloading, 4 Step draw, Survival Shooting Skills, and Warrior Mindset
  • Day three (8 hours) Range qualifications and written testing. All will be reviewed MANY times in class.

Centurion Firearms and Training, gives you the complete State of Florida 28-hour Class G class requirements, but we go above and beyond by teaching your countless survival skills and mastery of your weapon all in a short time frame. That’s what separates up from everyone else.

Other training programs teach you the standard to pass, we teach you that, PLUS an additional skillset to survive and win a deadly encounter. Which do you owe your family?

Students can bring their own weapon, or rent a weapon from Centurion for $30.00 a class and must shoot our ammunition (prices will vary).

Location: TBD

Tuition: Currently course tuition is $290.00 per student