Centurion Private Firearm Training

Private sessions are a one on one firearms training experience for beginners through advanced. Training begins with the basics in the classroom, moves to classroom dry fire drills, and finally culminates practical application of skills learned on an active firearms range. Typical sessions will cover the below topics:

  • Proper firearm grip, Trigger control, Breath, Stance

  • Sight picture and Sight alignment

  • Advanced situational awareness training

  • Combat loading and unloading techniques

  • Concealed firearm weapon retention techniques

  • Strong hand and weak hand survival techniques

  • Basic through advanced firearm malfunction drills

  • Warrior Mindset and survival mindset awareness

  • Quick reaction shooting

  • Firearm accuracy under extreme stress

  • Firearm speed, accuracy, weapon manipulation, under extreme stress

  • Close range firearms battle

  • Identifying and working through physiological and psychological obstacles

  • Improved survivability and decision-making ability under stress

Required equipment listed below. Students can provide their own weapon and concealed holster or
weapons and holsters can be rented from Centurion Firearms (Price list below). Range time and
approved ammunition is the responsibility of the student.

Student required equipment

  • Firearm (Rental Available)

  • A holster that secure firmly to sturdy belt

  • 2 magazines

  • Eye and ear protection (Rental Available)

  • Notepad, pen pencil

  • No open toed shoes

  • No shorts

  • Comfortable nonrestrictive clothing suitable to strenuous activity

  • Pants that have belt loops to receive the belt and sew down holster firmly

  • Eye and ear protection.

  • 150 rounds of factory loaded ammunition (Instructor Approved)


Location TBD (Based on COVID-19 Restrictions)
Equipment rental – $40.00
Price: $100.00 per hour (1 Person) or $169.00 per hour (2 People)